SteamPunk Fuzz Box


Well this looks like it could be the worlds oldest Fuzz Box. But surpisingly it’s not. The only old components are the toggle switch and terminals, which were obtained from eBay. In fact all of the parts for this, apart from the electronics and the wood, were purchased on eBay. I started off with the idea of making a “fake valve” containing¬† the components for a basic fuzz effect.¬† Here’s how I built up the “valve”.

I put an orange LED in the base to make it glow like a real valve. When the circuit was assembled, and tested, I glued a 30mm test tube into the valve base. This design is actually modular. I could build another “valve” and simply replace it. The only pitfall is that the only control is for volume.

As you may have guessed the footswitch is an antique style doorbell and I used gold telecaster jack sockets. All the metal that you see was aged by applying Patination fluid. It works very quickly to give an antique look.

The circuit I used is called “DAM Meathead” which is a version of the old Fuzz Face circuit. I got the details from here.

I also included a true-bypass circuit mainly because I was using a momentary push switch and also needed to supply current to the light bulb with an FET.

Here’s another view of the Steampunk Fuzz Box.


If you want to see this Fuzz Box in action. Here it is.


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